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Educational Games,HABA,HABA 5649 - Number Dinosaur

HABA 5649 - Number Dinosaur

1, 2, 3 ... who can help Number Dinosaur count? The corresponding quantity of objects has to be found for each number and vice-versa. A number and memory game as strong as dinosaurs for 1-4 children
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Educational Games,HABA,HABA 3389 - Pirate Arithmetics Mini Version

HABA 3389 - Pirate Arithmetics Mini Version

An educational game within the number range 1 to 100 for 2-4 number pirates. Includes arithmetic calculating disk for the checking of answers.
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Educational Games,HABA,HABA 3285 - Memo Orchard

HABA 3285 - Memo Orchard

Watch out! The cheeky raven wants to snatch lots of tidbits. Try to save all the fruit by turning over fruit tiles that match the color on the die.
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Puzzles,HABA,HABA 2434 - Little Hand Puzzles Princess

HABA 2434 - Little Hand Puzzles Princess

Great hand puzzles to learn coordination and fine motoric skills. Highest German quality.
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